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What is DStv Mobile?
DStv Mobile is a mobile TV streaming service available exclusively to Vodacom Tanzania customers that allows you to access 5 DStv channels using a 3G and 2.5G video capable cellphone. The service is available to you at no charge.

What Internet browsers are supported by DStv Mobile?
In general, all 3G handsets with live video streaming capability will be able to access DStv Mobile from Vodacom. Users may check if they have ‘Real Player’ application on their phones.

  • At present, iPhone, BlackBerry and Opera Mini browsers are not supported. In the case of Opera Mini, user must use the device’s native browser.
  •  On some devices, the video player may not be able to access until APN is selected. This should be ‘Vodacom Internet’ set under ‘Settings’ or ‘Options’ of the player.

What channels are available?
The following channels will be available once you have successfully signed-up to the service:

  • SuperSport Blitz Mobile
  • euronews
  • SawSee
  • TBC1
  • B4U Music

How do I get DStv Mobile?
Go to http://wap.vodacom.co.tzusing your cellphones web browser.
On the Vodacom Tanzania homepage, select the DStv Mobile icon.
Click on any one of the channels and sign-up to DStv Mobile.

Are there any data charges incurred while using the service?
No data charges apply when using the DStv Mobile service.

Can I use the service with a 2.5G cellphone?
The DStv Mobile service can be accessed on a video capable 2.5G cellphone.

Can I use the service in a 2.5G coverage area?
The DStv Mobile service is accessible in a 2.5G coverage area, with a video capable 2.5G or 3G cellphone.

Is this service available outside of Tanzania?
The service is available exclusively to Vodacom Tanzania customers residing in Tanzania.

Is there a TV guide available for the channels?
There is a ‘now/next’ programme guide for the euronewschannel; however programme information for the other channels is currently not available.

Should I have any questions or concerns, who do I contact?
Should you have any questions or concerns please dial 100 (Kiswahili) or 101 (English) directly from your cellphone at no cost.